We are an award winning IT company that effectively services a wide variety of small business in an array of industries from Orlando down to the Keys. As a company of integrity, we always aim to outfit our clients with the best technology whilst staying within budget.

We specialize in 1 to 100 employee companies in a wide variety of industries. We take care of new start-ups or long-time establishments, whether they are up-sizing or downsizing. We also leverage your company’s existing IT Staff or even work with your current IT consultants in order to help you manage your IT needs.

Email Protection & Archiving

Email is today’s engine of productivity. With thousands of email messages passing through a typical company’s servers every day, managing email security and access is a major work load that diverts IT resources from other, more strategic tasks. Through our partnership with McAfee, we are able to offer a cloud-based service that blocks more than 99% of spam, viruses, and fraudulent messages, before they even enter your network. It also forces policies on outgoing mail -both in the mail today and in attachments. In case of a planned or unplanned outage, web-based email access, management and use is enabled. There is no hardware to buy and no software to install or manage.

Our service includes complete inbound email protection, comprehensive outbound email protection, continuous email storage, access, and use, as well as easy email administration. Contact Us below to learn more.

Data Network & VOIP Services

Our voice and data services includes a combination of broadband voice and internet. The coupling of internet data and voice over IP (VoIP) leads to a more efficient basis for communication, as the utilization of one data network leads to cost savings and increased functionality. With VOIP, your voice travels much the same way your email does- on a single data network.

There are many reasons to supplement your current traditional phone system. VOIP phones are fully portable; you can take them anywhere you have internet services and still receive your incoming calls. VOIP service makes your phone system extremely flexible. Among the ability to take your VOIP phone with you, you can also talk on your laptop, get virtual phone numbers, and increase productivity.